Kia Ora, Kiwiland.

Kia Ora, New Zealand.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I am here on a working holiday scheme. I will be on my survival mode at least for the next half a year.

The whole idea of quitting my corporate job back home and got myself one way ticket to a foreign land is happening. Always constantly planning for the next couple of days is been challenging yet exciting, just imagine the adrenaline rush that gush through your whole body.

To my surprise, the first thing I noticed about New Zealand is how friendly they can be. Just imagine before I stepped out from the airport, I made a new acquaintance just like that. That young chap was working for the airport typically providing guest services to all the travellers that is in Auckland International Airport. Strangely enough, he was kind enough to offer me a night to crash at his place and we spend the whole evening talking about our travels and experiences.

Auckland is a very young and underdeveloped metropolitan city. Total population for the city is only approximately 1.5 million people. Nowadays, it gets a lot of influx of immigrants from Asia with mostly Korean, Indian and Chinese and Europe with mostly British, Australian, German and French. It is definitely a melting pot of cultures happening in Auckland.  One should be here to just experience all these things happening in this city.

Do bear in mind for a couple of things about New Zealand though, you should always manage your expectation on the slow phenomena that most kiwis would have. Do always remind yourself that they were brought up with this approach and it would be best just adapt with their lifestyle. Take it easy, mate!

Oh, if you are on a working holiday visa, here are some of the tips for you to prep up before you land in NZ.

  • Download and print out the IRD form with all the necessary information filled in to be handed in to your nearest New Zealand Post branch. You would need to bring along
    • One copy of your International Driving License
    • One copy of your passport front page with your personal details and photo
  • Prepare at least 500 NZD just to open your bank account.
    • Kiwibank is the cheapest option to go, it is located in all the New Zealand Post in the country. You can open a kiwibank account when you are submitting your application for IRD number, one stone kills two birds eh? 
    • ANZ Bank New Zealand is the biggest bank in NZ. It offers wide range of services and it has ATMs around the country. The only thing is you need to prepare 500 NZD to deposit into the new account upon registration.

And Kia Ora to me for the next half a year in NZ!

Hello world! | Here In My Home

Imagine after a day, your life would be undergo for another big change.

That is exactly what happened to me. I quitted my job with a reputable Fortune 500 consulting firm and bought a one way ticket to Auckland without any solid plans. This, my friend is the most random decision that I made in my life.

Before I left, I thought it would be nice to make a video about my home for me to remember how amazing the place and the people are. I was sitting in the mamak and this idea came to me to make a cover video on Here In My Home by Pete Teo.

I started to contact everybody that I know and next thing I knew, I got a lot of supportive friends to help and it took me 2 months to get this video done.

Here it is, the finished product for 2 months of blood and sweat.

Let the journey begins!